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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 24, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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hills high school. you can see the sign that says they rent out filipino movies but law enforcement sources tell us this was the scene of some illegal activity that wasn't family friendly. in san jose, investigators say gamblers will no longer be able to get a fix. police raided what they believed to be an illegal gaming operation, confiscating ten machines that were found inside of the shop. >> we found there is an ongoing criminal enterprise here as well as anything from prostitution to narcotics we utilized our selection. >> police went into a home on boveron court arresting an owner of a convenience store. neighbors submitted crime
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complaints. >> if we can >> abc7 news was there as a dozen people were let tout a police van. neighbors were upset. >> there are people coming in and out in and out. >> not surprised what they say. >> the friends would come, make noise, wake up my baby. dogs would come to the house and bark at my kids. i didn't like that. >> neighbors and business owners say they're glad to see something being done. >> a fatal train versus car collision led to a commuter back up and today a pedestrian was
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hit by another train the fatal train accident happened in menlo park. that is where vic lee is live for us tonight. vick? >> well you can see, the trains appear to be running on schedule. that is good news for passengers, and good news for drivers, the traffic as you can see is once again flowing through the ravenswood crossing here in menlo park. cal train crews were able to fix the crossing gate just before 5:00, just in time for evening commute. just a little while ago a man drove his car up here and stopped it then tossed a red rose near the tracks a sad reminder of what happened last night. >> this is an stent waiting to happen. >> jill jessop lives near ravenswood crossing. last night was the first fatal
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car collision here. people tell us it's dangerous busy el cam yeeno is one block away. cars back up all the time when the signal turns red. it's a pedestrian crossing >> the cars have to stop for a pedestrian. on a green light, you can be caught on the tracks. >> crews worked to fix the crossing gate before the rush. thousands were stuck because of the fatal collision here. just before 5:00, a train smashed into a car, killing a female driver. then just before noon another tragedy on the tracks. this one involving a train and a pedestrian, just over a mile away at the palo alto station. the victim was taken to stanford medical center. >> on average 12 pedestrians
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die on the tracks. since 199 2shgs six have resulted in deaths. cal train says the answer is for cities along the peninsula to build grade separations. >> elevate them, or trench them whichever way allows traffic to move. >> several hundred million dollars to a billion or more. in the meantime drivers stop, look, and listen. >> officials report 50 people were hurt when a metro train truck northwest of a truck
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the driver says he made a wrong turn and got stuck on the tracks then, he left the scene. >> one officer spotted a person that ach years to be in distress the officials say passenger cars designed to absorb impact likely saved lives. the cars were added to the fleet after 11 people died in a crash in 2005. >> now, the federal railroad administration rates that crossing one of the most-dangerous in california. in any given year there is an 18% risk of an accident there. >> my hood is securely attached. >> in riverside, perspective
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truck drivers have a lot to think about. >> you can't stress safety enough. >> and after what happened this morning some are wondering what they should do if the vehicle gets stuck on the tracks we asked 1 truck driveing student here. >> if my rig got stuck i'd call police right away. >> driving instructors say that is right. at every railroad crossing you'll find a box like this one with crossing location and a phone number on it. if you get stuck tell them where you're at. >> driving students are taught never to shift gears with a manual transmission. and that is to
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prevent you from stalling. >> above all else remember the danger. >> there is no beating a train. it can be your life. >> so if you do get stuck on train tracks, get out. put your car out of the way. they say don't do that. call 911 or if you get information they can get on the radio and tell all of the trains heading to this location to stop. in riverside abc7 news. >> today the plane veered off the runway when landing gear collapsed the pilot, his brother, and a
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parallel aid all three were glad to tell you, escaped. >> the statewide ban on plastic bags in california was put on hold. a trade group turned in more than half a million valid signatures. backers are confident that voters will opt to keep the bag in place they'll remain in effect but the statewide ban won't come up for a vote until november, next year. >> former los angeles mayor villaraigosa surprised people by saying he will not run for senate next year. >> hillary clinton pushed for
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more women in the tech industry today. abc7 news was there, as clinton gave the key note speech at the silicon valley conference for women. clinton called out tech leaders for not including more women in the work force. she backed et up with data showing how hard it is for women to get into the industry. >> when it comes to technology the data reveals a massive digital divide. >> we're going backwards in a field supposed to be moving forward. >> when asked if she will run for president, she says he will make the decision in good time. >> dozens of little league teams locked out of playing fields.
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tesoro says it's due to 400 striking refinery workers meaning 600 players on 48 themes have not been able to use home fields. >> we're not trying to stop little kids p playing baseball. this is for us. >> 15 teams i had to tell them to go back. >> a school person told abc7 news the potential strike was december cussed in january, and representatives agreed all activities should be suspended but the president of one of the the leagues says she's never consulted. >> six months ago a big earthquake in napa. just ahead, a look at the recovery process and why it's taking so lock >> abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings continues reporting from afghanistan. tonight, women who risk their
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lives from peace. >> overnight temperatures dropping below freezing in bay area locations this morning how strong it's going to be tonight in the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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there is still a lot of work ahead, tonight, abc7 news reporter wayne freedman shows
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how people are recovering after the quake. >> in napa this was the six-month anniversary a year ago no one imagined or predicted >> feels like it's happening again, now. >> the 6.0, 20 second earthquake. >> i had a front row seat. >> bill linder watched as gas lines ignited. today, new homes have taken places but old neighbors are gone. >> i can't tell you how grateful i feel. i lost a tv and dishes. >> in the building, propping up in others, the city issued 1135 permits for repairs. less than half, complete around town scaffolds and fences mark worst places >> people think if you can't
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drive, you can't walk. >> and the cafe survives. >> it's not a chain, there is an owner, a manager that we know. >> napa's spirit of community born again. >> we live in an amazing town you might remember this town for a famous window that was plywood that says we love napa. she made a postcard out of the picture, and sold them for $one each to buy a new window. she has one. >> where is the plywood? >> it's in my backyard. i'm going to make a table out of it.
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i can't get rid of it. are you kidding? >> not in the least. not here. >> in vallejo nearly 100 homes and businesses were damaged including first baptist church. the shaking caused four feet to come down, the damage estimated at $20,000. the community has rallied to repair the bell tower and make it seismically strong. >> we have companies coming in to have domain funding for the bell tower. we have individual people waiting to donate. and are waiting on the planning department. >> the church has been able to continue services and meal program, feeding 150 people every day. >> now, the time to think about earthquake preparedness. what to do is drop to the ground, cover your head, neck
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and hold on. two emergency locations are suggested. one near your home, one outside of the neighborhood, in case your area is off limits. the who? your emergency contact. someone outside of the bay area. there is more information at abc7 just look for prepare nor cal. >> and let's do that now, take this opportunity to prepare. we know we'll be in this situation here, again. let's talk about the weather forecast. spencer christian is tracking our weather. hoping, spencer, for a little bit of rain. >> keep hope alive here is live doppler 7 hd. clear skies right now. we had a cold overnight period. into early morning hours. here is a look at low temperatures below freezing. 30 degrees in santa rosa. and oakland airport a low of 36 degrees, tied a record low for the date.
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we're looking at temperatures 57 in san francisco. most locations into upper 50s to low 60s at the moment. and to live view, golden gate bridge. chilly tonight and dry mild for next two days. slight chance of showers friday and saturday. and conditions are dry bringing us chilly nights and mild afternoons now to thursday evening at 7:00 there is a cold low over coastal british columbia. going to drop south ward and bring us a chance of showers. saturday, sunday, continuing a path south ward and eastward and away from the bay area.
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overnight, looking for clear skies with patches of low clouds and fog developing near the coast and bay. low temperatures mid 30s in places like santa rosa and napa. lever more 36. 39 san jose so chilly again tonight low temperatures around the bay into low to mid-40s tomorrow's high under sunny skies, generally low to mid-60s near the coast, and mid to upper 60s near the bay and inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. two consecutive days of mild weather, up to about 70 degrees thursday. temperatures dropping saturday. clouds thicken and a chance of showers. there is a lingering slight chance of showers saturday then, after that dry, mild conditions again. so it feel may see rain, it will be a little amount of rain. >> lingering and slight.
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>> right. >> coming up the fate of the chimpanzees at the san francisco zoo. >> what is
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san francisco zoo seems to be on the verge of losing it's
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three chimpanzees. >> dan noyes is here with a preview of an investigation you'll see tonight at 11:00. >> it is the oldest male chimpanzee in any american zoo, spending ten years in entertainment. current and former zoo staff tell me they should allowed to live out their years without facing stress of being drugged shipped across the country and inserted into a new group of chimps they don't know. this blogger tells me the zoo failed it's chimpanzees >> they need the zoo to make them a priority. >> why they may be forced to send the zoos away and preparations in place for the move. >> interesting thank you.
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very much. >> six flags discovery kingdom relocated it's two elephants six flags deciding it would be better off in a mer-social environment in a drive threw is a far repark in oregon rather than here. >> national park service is asking for your cooperation in protecting harbor seals along the marin county coast. >> it's pupping season. and this sunday, no fishing or diving. >> so never pick up what you think is an abandoned pup. >> reporting from afghanistan continuing tonight. talking to some afghan women
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switching their lives for peace. >> power struggle over the key stone pipeline. what happens now that the president vetoed it? >> and the cabinet secretary apologizing for (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what?
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>> every day, women in afghanistan risk lives for their jobs. >> that is what cheryl jennings found when traveling to afghanistan and met with the newly elected president. . >> i had a chance to talk to young women working for roots of peace in kabul. and this very much appreciated by the new president. >> this is where people believe in education and rerning. they need an opportunity. >> he told me that opportunity
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begins with a love for the land. >> the majority of the people are engaged with agriculture. that is where we need to focus. >> this funding comes from u.s. aid. the nonprofit helping farmers to sell their crop internationally and teaching women to be farmers they work in a building surrounded by security guards. when heidi kuhn visit she wears armor because she is a target for radicals >> you don't have been here to manage your business. >> well, we take our business very seriously, cheryl i have four children, i look into the eyes of my children and
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grandchild and i think they are fortunate to live in peace. >> some women came to the hotel calling her heidi mama and told me they take a risk, daily just going to and from work because of the attacks by the taliban. >> when i come to office, it's hard to say goodbye to my kids i can't believe at the end of the day i'll be going home alive. every day, i say to my husband, goodbye. if i don't see you i will see you in heaven. >> they work with widows, there are 1 million in afghanistan. many cannot read, have no job skills and up to four children. this project has potential for higher profit. >> as the man can
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and women will do this, they can sell it for a good price >> she says what afghans want is very simple. >> i think we have human resources that want to live ordinary lives. >> this will take time. until then they want to keep working with roots of peace. >> heidi mama is the -- she's so brave. so strong. that is why we learn from her. >> i'm going to show you how this partnership works for farmers and traders and
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why they're being considered game changers in afghanistan. >> roots of peace is making a difference. >> in washington president obama vetoed a bill that would force construction of the key stone pipeline. it's becoming a flash point in the debate over climate change and the environment. they're four votes short of a 2-thirds majority in the senate. >> head of the va apologized today for a statement he made about his own military service. last month, in los angeles he told a homeless veteran he served in special forces unit. several media outlets looked and found this untrue. he did complete army ranger training but never assigned to a
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unit and now admits the error. >> i apologize to those who may have been offended by my misstatement. what i said was not on my mind at the time ways trying to connect with them we had people that could help get them into the home. >> the white house issuing a statement we take him at his word and expect this will not impact the health and well being of veterans. >> sky 7 hd is live in oakland. a car has hit and killed a bicyclist. >> the car going north on prune avenue. no word on who was at fault the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. the woman was in her 30s or 40s.
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>> california could become the first state in the nation and san francisco to ban smokeless tobacco from ballparks. for young baseball players pros are heros but this 10-year-old says not the ones setting a bad example by chewing tobacco. >> people want to be like if they're doing doing it, why can't we? >> more than half a million kids try it each year. >> the use is up. it's no small part because of association with major league baseball. >> he shows this sports illustrated with a favorite giant and a ad on the inside.
6:35 pm
at spring training indicated a ban might be challenging. >> there are many triggers but this you know the force is going to be difficult. >> the union had no comment but major league baseball issued a statement saying we believe children should not be exposed to smokeless tobacco. san francisco supervisor plans to introduce a proposal to keep the stuff off of the fields. >> whole point of legislation is protecting the next generation of san francisco children. >> in word from the companies that produce these products but
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they're expected to fight. >> coming up a social book for fighting crime. >> local business owners
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some business owners in san francisco have a new weapon against thieves >> how teamwork and technology are showing shoplifters who is boss. >> this are unfriendly reality of retail reality. >> it's a bigger part of business people think. >> from a pair of earrings to a rack of jeans they've had to cover the stores with cameras >> we have a sixth sense people come in probably not actual customers. >> that is practically sounding alarm bells this woman approached the jewelry display the owner says she turned and the woman was gone jewelry in hand. >> they're good at what they do.
6:40 pm
>> suzanna never had seen the woman before but posted a picture on a private network called town square. one block away a salon owner saw the photo. >> i realized she'd been in the salon a few minutes later. >> we had her name phone, and address. >> enough for police to pay her a visit. it's mind boggeling to creators of town square. >> did you think it would be used to solve crimes? >> not at all. >> they built it as an alternative to monthly merchant associations and added a feature for an urgent alert >> the individuals tend to sort of case the neighborhood for lack of a better word n and out of other stores as well. >> it's rolling out across neighborhoods. that shoplifter hadn't been
6:41 pm
charged but hasn't been back. >> from michael finney tonight, a private eye screening your next date. >> what this woman learned
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>> there is a unique service for those of you single and tired of going on bad dates. >> some people are turning to private investigators for help. >> why waste efforts on those that won't be a good match? that is the thinking of people who hire private investigators so we went along to see is it wornl your money? this woman asked us not to show her face or use her real name.
6:45 pm
>> the idea of meeting someone i didn't know about was horrifying. i decided to look into hiring someone to do background checks. >> big daddy or m d another man, the sailor and third mr. wine country. katie hired a former police officer julie jackson to do background checks on the men. we met jackson in a park doing surveillance for another client. she walked her dog, so she looks like she belongs in the neighborhood. a woman hired jackson to investigate her estranged husband she thought he had a girlfriend. >> looking for cars that don't belong and people coming in and out that don't belong. >> surveillance lasted three days and julie didn't find anything suspicious. that wasn't the case with
6:46 pm
background checks for katie on big daddy, sailor and mr. wine country she shared result was katie. so the first thing i look for importantly is if he is safe. >> big daddy has no criminal record, once owned a home but lost it the 59-year-old has never been married. that was the deal breaker for katie. wondering why a man that anl never married jackson found out the man dubbed the sailor lives on a boat, no property no major assets. jackson describes him as a ghost. but she couldn't find out about him. got a thumbs down from katie too. the third person mr. wine country was one she was interested in most. she already knew he owned a wine business and was very successful interested in having a long term rich. >> he has been married. it looks like he does have v.a
6:47 pm
criminal record. >> great. >> yes. >> concerning part is that it's for domestic violence. >> so no dates for katie. and she says it was worth the money she charges $75 per check experts say you should be careful about hiring a private investigator. state regulators say you should make sure they're licensed. >> they have to undergo a background investigation, and they have experience requirements. and investigative work. >> we have a link to check out licensing of any private investigator. in case you're wondering cost of surveillance is $75 to $125 an hour depending on how dangerous the investigator thinks it is.
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>> 400 openings available tomorrow on abc7 job journal event. >> goes from noon until 4:00 p.m . >> yes. >> no real rain. >> but a great sunset occurred about 51 minutes ago. bright cold and clear skies over bay area now. and tomorrow, sunny skies mild conditions and highs into mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. slight chance of showers friday and lingering chance of showers saturday morning that is slight.
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dry begin continuing into next week. >> not much spencer. >> i know. >> thank you. >> looks like heel was not too big of a problem. >> thank goodness. >> good to know. >> giants hoping
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>> good evening. with the panda gone there is comfort in seeing angel pagan. now, they hope his back holds up within the season. >> you know if you win a world series playing over 200 games and giants did that last year. there is today in the first
6:53 pm
kwaul-quad workout. giants season officially has begun. it's great to get together after winning world series. >> this is a big day. these guys were excited. >> every start is renewed energy. >> the roster is intact with >> this is first. >> each day gets better. >> it was tough watching his teammates win another world series. >> this is a brotherhood.
6:54 pm
so together. that you know someone is taking your spot to pick you up. you know? >> this is a fun year last year. but this year is this year we're open to accomplish the same goal this, year. >> bruce bocci said he took the optional physical for coaches and glad he did he says he feels great now. and team is happy also he's well. >> on to nba, steph curry back in the line up tonight in washington.
6:55 pm
ready to go, so is washington. warriors wake up. curry, look at steph's clowning. the long arm of the law slam, steph behind his back. yes. >> that making it harder. he went from 32 with eight assists. kobe bryant's reaction was priceless after seeing a post game celebration after a rare
6:56 pm
victory. >> would that happen if you were there? would there be a celebration? >> if looks could kill. abc7 sports brought to you from bank of the west. act like you've been there. >> quite the face. >> yes. thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 what new information about nasa reveals. >> then outrage over a plan to pack up and ship elderly chimps across the country. >> tonight new comedy
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ies follow >> you can see abc programs on your smart phone tablet or computer. >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. we appreciate yo
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